The choice of using a particular ink must always be made after analyzing all the application variables so that high quality durable printing may be obtained.

Zanasi printers are to be used with various types of inks which have been studied for specific use in a wide variety of applications.

Zanasi offers a vast range of inks based on water, alcohol and Ketone: standard and fast-drying inks, inks for sterilizing, pigments for dark surfaces, inks for recyclable containers, food, Ultra Violet lettering and many other applications.

An extremely wide range of materials can be printed on: PVC, polyethylene, aluminum, stainless steel, glass, paper, wood, not to mention food products.

Zanasi has also made a careful study of inks to be used in particularly damp and dusty environments.

The appropriate make-up and washing solvent for every ink can be supplied so that maximum efficiency and productivity can be ensured.

Also available is a very extensive range of colors.